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Bridgitte + Preston: Wedding Day

Bridgitte & Preston are finally MARRIED! Their day was absolutely beautiful and I can't believe we were lucky enough to have a warm weather (seventy degrees in November? Yes please!!) We started the day off by taking photos of Bridgitte & her bride tribe at a cute little park in Loveland. We also took a few bridal shots of Bridgitte to capture all of the intricate details in her dress and cape (!!!) along with her headpiece & veil that have been in her family for generations. One of the best parts about working with Bridgitte's bridesmaids is that I already photographed two of their weddings in the past and we were finally able to get a photo of all three of them together at each of their weddings. The white dress just rotates between each of them, how fun! While we were waiting for Preston and his groomsmen to arrive, we also knocked out a few family photos! Aren't these colors just stunning in the sunshine?!?

Once Preston arrived, we took a few solo portraits of him before setting up for his first look with Bridgitte. After their first look, we were able to get photos of the entire bridal party together before heading down into the woods near the water to take photos of Bridgitte & Preston alone together. I can't believe that we had the BEST golden hour during all of this and I'm in love with how warm and sunny these photos are because of it! Sooooo dreamy!!