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Bridgitte + Preston: Engagement Photos

I swear, I get to work with the BEST people. I've never been a really traditional person when it comes to engagement photos, I think every couple is unique and their photos should show that. I'm so excited that Bridgitte and Preston agreed with this, because they chose a fun location: 16-Bit Bar+Arcade!

16-Bit is a bar located in Over The Rhine with a TON of classic arcade games. Not only is it a fun place to stop by when you're out on the town, but the entire staff at the Cincinnati location is always SO awesome and accommodating when I ask about taking a few photos when we stop in. The fun atmosphere helps us relax and forget that we're in the middle of a session, and we get such great photos because of it!

These two are PRECIOUS. They spent the night before our session making this sign (inspired by The Legend of Zelda) and it was such a hit. Even though it was absolutely PACKED when we were there (who knew Sunday was family day?? I obviously didn't check the calendar beforehand, oops!) we were able to get great shots and have a blast!

Bridgitte and Preston love gaming, and it was fun to be able to watch them wonder through and look at the different games, landing on a few favorites (Guitar Hero, anyone??) No matter who won or lost, they would always support one another. Just look at that high five!

Once it got too busy to take photos, we decided to head out into the cold and take small walk around OTR for a few last minute shots. It melts my heart knowing how easy it is for Preston to make Bridgitte laugh, and they didn't even complain about the cold once. These two were SO much fun to work with, and I can't wait for them to see the rest of their gallery.

Thanks for all of the fun!!


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