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Ben + Kayla: Engagement Photos

I always try to help couples brainstorm unique locations for their engagement photos and I'm usually pretty happy with the locations I suggest. I've photographed couples in libraries, arcades, coffee shops, and cemeteries, but I think this location takes the spot on top for the coolest location I've been able to take engagement photos at. Are you ready? We took Ben & Kayla's engagement photos this past week at an airport hangar in North Carolina! I am *swooning* over all of these photos and absolutely love how unique they are. Not many couples get to take photos at an airport (or in a plane!!) and I love that these photos are so . . . them! Ben and Kayla both love to travel and Ben enjoys spending his free time flying. They got engaged almost four months ago and are still trying to decide what they want to do for their big day, but knowing them it will be both epic and beautiful!!

Thanks for trusting me to take your photos & document the love that you share, Ben & Kayla!!


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