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Bella + Sean: Couples Session

Man faces away from camera and kisses the top of his girlfriend's head as she holds onto his arm and smiles at the camera in Covington, Kentucky.

I always love working with Bella & Sean and am so happy that they were able to model for me last weekend. For those of you who don't know, I offer mentor sessions for other photographers and one of the packages I have allows for one on one shooting time with me. My absolutely incredible mentee wanted practice working in harsh lighting and posing couples for an upcoming wedding that she has and I am thrilled about how our little practice session went. Since the session was really set up just to help her practice, I only took a few photos, but I did want to share them with you! This session just shows that it is possible to get gorgeous photos even when the lighting absolutely NOT ideal! Can you believe these were all taken at one in the afternoon!? One of the worst times of day to shoot in the mind of a photographer! Thank you Bella & Sean for being so patient and awesome! Best of luck on your move out to Arizona!!

Woman stands next to man and holds his arm while looking up at him and laughing while standing in a street surrounded by trees in Covington, Kentucky.
Man and woman embrace right before kissing while standing under a flowering tree on a sidewalk in Covington, Kentucky.
Man and woman lay on the grass and turn to touch noses together while both wearing blue at a park in Covington, Kentucky.
Black and white photo giving a close up view of the eyes of a couple resting their heads together.
Woman faces her boyfriend and rests her hands on his face while smiling at him in an alley in Covington, Kentucky.
Man wraps his arms around woman to give her a hug as she looks back and smiles at him during photo session in Covington, Kentucky.
Woman wearing a jean jacket reaches her hand out to hold her boyfriend's hand in front of the Cincinnati, Ohio skyline faded in the background on a sunny day.


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