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Baby Baird: Newborn

This past week I was lucky enough to work with The Baird Family. Sweet Jack was born on September 22nd and he's just the cutest little guy! I always love working with newborns and Jack was no exception! He fought hard to stay awake throughout his entire session, but eventually he couldn't take it any longer and snuck in a quick nap. His little features are just so precious and I always love documenting how small fingers & toes are since babies grow so fast!

Before taking posed photos of Jack, we took a few photos of the new family of three in front of their cute little red house. I'm so glad that we took all of the outdoor photos first since a rain storm ended up rolling through the area. Lucky us! Jack was wideeee awake for the first half of his solo portraits and his eyes are just incredible. We were able to capture a few of his funny faces which are always a nice balance to add to an album alongside of sweet & innocent sleeping photos. Jack is the cutest little guy & I'm so thankful I was able to document the start of this new phase of life for the Baird Family!


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