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Aubrey + Tyler: Engagement Photos

A few months ago, Aubrey & Tyler reached out to me to get more information about booking a wedding with me after they saw the photos I posted from Andrea & Andy's wedding. They were guests at the wedding and fell in love with my editing style after seeing how dark but vibrant it was. After meeting up to make sure we would be a good fit, we scheduled their engagement session for this past weekend. We were all dreaming of a gorgeous golden hour session in the heart of Cincinnati, but the weather seemed to have other plans. It rained on and off throughout the day and Aubrey ended up messaging me a few hours before the session to ask if we should reschedule. I'm ALWAYS down for shooting in the rain, but I know that it's so hard to change your mindset after picturing a golden hour engagement session for so long. We went back and forth about what we wanted to do and ultimately decided to just meet up a little earlier to hopefully fit it into the one dry spot we would have that evening. Guess what? Everything turned out BEAUTIFULLY. Because of the predicted weather, the typically busy spots we hit were practically empty and everything went so smoothly.

When we were planning their session, they both agreed that they wanted a more urban vibe, but also wanted somewhere that fit their relationship. They love to spend time at Reds games and enjoy walking through downtown together, so we agreed that the Riverfront was perfect. What's icing on the cake? The fact that Tyler proposed to Aubrey on the Ferris Wheel behind them in these next few photos. They also wanted to make these photos fun, so Aubrey asked what my thoughts about having a picnic were. I was picturing a checkered blanket and sandwiches, but I was THRILLED when they showed up with a bag of Skyline & matching bibs. Cheese literally got everywhere, but they had the absolute best time eating & laughing.

After finishing up with the picnic, we decided to head into the city. We really didn't have a plan, but just wondered until we found something that would make for a unique or fun photo. Aubrey & Tyler were SO much fun to work with and between the two of them there was never a dull moment.

I've said it once & I'll say it again, I LOVE working with people who like to step out of the norm and do something fun for their engagement photos. A Skyline picnic in the park is one thing, but as we were walking and chatting Aubrey mentioned that she and Tyler ran through fountains at a park during their first date before Aubrey had to get back on a plane and fly home. Wearing all of their clothes, just hours before her flight. They just decided why not? It would be fun. When she asked if I would be okay taking photos of them running through the fountains at Smale, I was SO EXCITED! This was the absolute BEST ending to an already awesome session, and I am SO excited for them to have the memories of these photos forever.

Aubrey and Tyler, you two were SO much fun to work with and I'm already so excited to photograph your wedding next year. If it was this much fun just spending the evening hanging out with you, I can't imagine what a blast your wedding day will be. Looking forward to it already!


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