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Aubrey Ann: Newborn

On June 16th, after 41 hours of labor, sweet Aubrey was born into this crazy world. She's absolutely perfect and I am so honored that Sean & Caitlyn asked me to document her fresh little details that will change so soon. Most newborn babies sleep throughout their newborn sessions, but not Aubrey! She was wide awake the entire time, so interested in what was going on around her! She already has Sean & Caitlyn wrapped around her little fingers and the way that they decorated her nursery was absolutely adorable. I love this little family to pieces and am so excited to share the photos of their sweet new addition with you!!

I've captured Sean & Caitlyn's engagement photos, wedding, maternity, and now the newborn photos for their first daughter and it means so much to me that they trust me to document all of their big milestones! Even though Aubrey was wide awake during her session, she was so content with just looking around. She didn't want to cry or be fussy, she just wanted to be awake for all the fun! It was so precious!!

One of my goals when photographing newborns is to document how tiny they are. Aubrey was just 6lbs 7oz when she was born and you can see how small she is compared to Sean & Caitlyn's hands. Her whole head can easily fit into one of their palms and I love that they'll be able to go back through these photos in the future and really see how much she's grown. I'm so excited to watch them grow as a new family of three (five if you count the dogs!!) and continue documenting their big moments for them in the future. Sean & Caitlyn, thank you for always trusting me!! I am SO excited for you guys to start on this journey of parenthood together! Congratulations, again!


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