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Alex + Logan

Okay so yes, I'm just a little bit behind on blogging their session, but I promise Alex and Logan are worth the wait. Just LOOK AT THEM. Wow.

I met Alex this past summer after starting PT school together and I am SO thankful that I have her in my life now. After she introduced me to Logan, I knew they were a match made in Heaven and I just had to take their photos. The way they just seemed to click was perfect and their love would be a dream to capture on camera.

I'm happy to say that I wasn't wrong, working with them was an absolute DREAM. They were constantly making one another laugh and willing to try any of the crazy things I asked them to do. Since we met up back at the beginning of February, it was pretty chilly and they didn't even complain once. It was great.

After going out to lunch with a group of friends, we headed to Sharon Woods to take these photos. Because of the cloudy skies and chilly air, we were basically the only ones in the park and it was awesome. We just drove around to find empty fields, open waters, and and dreamy backgrounds. Most people don't ever think about it, but I actually like shooting on gloomy days more than sunny days. Gloomy days bring such soft and perfect lighting and it makes editing shadows SO much easier.

I always like to use prompts when I work with couples because I'm really not a fan of overly "posed" photos. I like to ask my couples to say certain things and complete certain actions (like tell him why you love him! Sniff her shoulder! Walk towards me like you're walking on the moon!) because this helps people focus on something other than getting their photo taken and almost always helps let out a natural smile. I LOVE using prompts and am always so much happier with the results of photos if the prompts I use work out (because, you know, sometimes they don't!)

I am over the moon that Alex and Logan decided to give up their Saturday afternoon to hang out with me and run around to take pictures. Their photos turned out SO cute and I love all of the candid emotion captured in them. I can't wait until Spring hits (it's right around the corner!) so I can be back outside for all of my sessions again, but send me a couple like Alex and Logan and I'll be happy with whatever weather I get!

And just because I'm always trying to try new things, here's a double exposure photo I was using for practice. I'm not sure about how I feel about it yet, but I thought I would add it just because!


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