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After Dark Sessions: Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you looking for something different for your engagement photos? Fields & sunsets not your thing? What about doing something untraditional? After Dark session may be just what you need! These sessions are SO much fun and completely change up the vibe from your *traditional* photoshoot.

Man dips & kisses his wife as they stand in the dark on top of a parking garage in Covington, Kentucky and have the city lights from the Cincinnati, Ohio skyline lit up behind them.

Last week, my photographer friend Akayla and I decided to test our skills and play with lighting after dark. We headed to a local parking garage and met up with our models Lyndsi and Keaton. I had the absolute BEST time and love how these photos turned out! Lyndsi and Keaton were amazing models and I love that you can see the Cincinnati skyline behind them. You’d never know by looking through these photos that it was SO cold out and Lyndsi and Keaton were absolute champs about it! I am so excited to start offering After Dark sessions, let me know if you’d like more information or are interested in booking one!

Lyndsi and Keaton, thank you SO much for braving the cold and modeling! You two are unbelievably perfect and it was so wonderful being able to work with you!!

Silhouette of a couple kissing at night with the city lights from the Cincinnati, Ohio skyline behind them.


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