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Abby + Andrew: Engagement Photos

It has been a BUSY week for me, and I'm so excited to finally have time to sit down and tell you about Andrew and Abby. Oh boy. These two. WOW.

Andrew and Abby tie the knot this coming July and I'm so excited that they've decided to have me capture their day. When I sat down to grab coffee with Abby a few months ago, we talked about the details of her wedding day and started brainstorming ideas for their engagement session. I'm a huge believer that you should have engagement photos that help tell your story as a couple, and I'm so glad that these two agreed. We started with the idea of taking their photos in a local coffee shop (one of their favorites, of course!) but after Abby started telling me about being a librarian and how she and Andrew's relationship basically started at the Clifton Branch of the Cincinnati Public Library, I suggested going there instead. A crazy idea, but these photos turned out SO cute and are so unique to Andrew and Abby as a couple!

So. Why the Clifton Branch? After going through all of the activities they had planned for their first date, Andrew and Abby had extra time left in the day and decided they didn't want their date to end just yet. Abby suggested going to the library since they both loved books and it would be open for another few hours. Once they got there, they decided they needed to find a new book to start reading together. They chose one that had two copies available, one for each of them. How does this story get cuter? When I met them at the same library for photos this past weekend, they were both absolutely beaming. Abby ran up to me with a book and exclaimed: "It's here! They have a copy available!" They were able to find a copy of that same book, the first of many they would read together. Of course we had to use it for photos!

This library is absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. Shooting in a library was a first for me, but these two made my job so incredibly EASY! I usually like to talk to my couples (probably loudly, haha!) and tell them they're doing great and help direct them for better photos. I've never had a session where I had to be very quiet because we were in a library. Abby and Andrew were absolutely phenomenal. I would help set them up in a shot and they would just sit there and look at one another, eyes full of love and hearts full of laughter. They would embrace the moments together, giggling every so often but being as quiet as can be. Working with them was a DREAM and I can't wait for their wedding day.

I love, love, LOVE working with couples who truly want unique photos that say so much about their relationship. Abby and Andrew are such a treat and their wedding will be so much fun. I'm so unbelievably happy that people trust me to capture such important memories and document such big moments in their lives, it's honestly such an honor. Abby and Andrew, you two were SO awesome and I already can't wait until July!


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