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A Gorgeous August Wedding Day

Back in August, I was lucky enough to help document this absolutely GORGEOUS wedding day with Halie Vertrees and her company HV Photography. Halie hired me on as a second shooter and was kind enough to let me edit and share the photos I took throughout the day. I usually don't ever go back through and look at any of the images I take when I help second shoot a wedding, but this day was too beautiful and I just had to go through and edit a few favorites! We had a perfect day at The Marmalade Lily and I'm obsessed with Taylor & Ryan and the love that they share. Back when I was working as a day-of wedding day coordinator, I worked a few weddings at The Marmalade Lily, but this was my first time photographing a wedding here! The venue, flowers, and day all came together beautifully, I had an absolute BLAST spending the day with Halie, and we all loved dancing the night away in the setting sun! Truly a perfect day! If you'd like to see the rest of Taylor & Ryan's gallery, be sure to check out Halie's website!


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