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  • Elizabeth

The Newberry Family

I've now known Whitney for almost nine and a half YEARS. That's longer than I've known most of the people I talk to on a daily basis. I've always loved Whitney's family, but last year she and Creighton got married and she added an entire new group to her tribe, and I was lucky enough to meet them this past weekend.

Let me just say, this group was nothing but fun. They were constantly making one another laugh and were absolute CHAMPS with the weather we had. Most people would never dream of scheduling a session outside in the middle of December, and even if they did they would cancel if the forecast predicted rain. This group? Totally embraced the rain. Brought their umbrellas and smiles and we made our own sunshine. ;)

We met at Ault Park and because it was absolutely pouring, we had the entire place to ourselves. We got a few group shots of the entire family, but we also got to take a few individual shots of the couples. Couples are my favorite subject group to work with, so it was extra fun for me to have so many couples all wanting photos all in one place! Plus when you add the rain? YES PLEASE!

Just look at how precious they all are with their umbrellas!! Ahh! My heart! Would you believe me if I said it got even better?? Towards the end of the session we were all soaked. I pulled these two aside for their last photo together and they decided to take it without the umbrella. He pulled her in for a kiss in the pouring rain and WOW can you believe how great this shot is?? I'm still in awe.

And of course, we can't forget about Jadyn. We took a few portraits of her as well and she absolutely ROCKED her clear umbrella.

I don't usually take many family photos, but they made my job so fun and easy! It's always SO hard for me not to share photos that are going to be Christmas presents until after Christmas, but great things are worth the wait, right?? I wish I could always book such fun and relaxed clients like this family, and I am SO thankful they trusted me when I said that the rain can make for some incredible photos.

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