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Home Stories: Baby Adeline

This past week I was lucky enough to be able to travel up to Dayton to have a little in home session with Jessica, Cory, and sweet baby Adeline. This was my very first session out of the Cincinnati area and I am SO in love with how these photos turned out.

I absolutely love in home sessions, especially when the inside of someone's house is as perfect as this one. Adeline's nursery was one of the cutest spaces I feel like I've ever seen. The pops of dark turquoise went so with the nature-y vibe and fun animal portraits on the walls. Their living room was full of Christmas spirit (including a stocking for their dog, Oatmeal) and the walls were covered with such fun paintings and photos. They have such a unique house and adding it into their portraits was such a special way to really add more personality into their gallery.

I love being able to work in a couple's home because I'm able to capture such special and intimate moments that wouldn't typically happen outdoors. Adeline rolling over in her crib giggling, Dad lifting her up in the air to try to get a smile out of her, Oatmeal jumping up to sneak a peek at his best friend, it's all so special and I LOVE that so many people trust me to capture these moments!

Throughout our session, Jessica kept leaning in to quickly kiss Cory's cheek. After repeating this a few times, he finally asked her why she kept doing that (haha, he sounded like my fiancé!) and she looked at him and said "because this just makes me so, so happy. Taking pictures with my family." Guys. I am so incredibly in love with my job, but in that moment I realized that other people are in love with what I do, too. WHAT! That's insane. I know that my clients love getting back their photos and seeing the end product, but listening to her say that she loved that moment, right there. Being there, in love, with her sweet husband and baby girl. An everyday moment that I get to capture. It really doesn't get better than having a job that lets me capture others being happy. Wow.

Those are all you get for this little sneak peek, but I'm so excited to deliver back this entire gallery. It's one of my favorite "Home Story" sessions to date, but it wouldn't be complete without this absolute GEM of a photo. It's one of those absolutely perfect "oops!" moments and I am so happy I was able to capture it! Zoom in on sweet little Adeline and enjoy. ;)

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