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  • Elizabeth

Alaric + Kelly: Proposal

You guysssss!!!! Alaric and Kelly are ENGAGED and I am so excited for them!!

Last week, Alaric contacted me and let me in on a little secret, he bought a ring and was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Kelly, before celebrating Thanksgiving with their families. He wanted to make it extra special and have me there to capture the moment, and I couldn't imagine passing something like this up!

The plan was to stop at this bridge at Voice of America Park while on their morning "run." They're planning on running a race together on Thanksgiving day and he thought this would be the perfect way to get her out of the house and to the park.

The only problem? When I left my house it was only 29 degrees out . . . less than ideal running conditions when you compare them to spending your Wednesday morning laying in bed. Alaric actually texted me and let me know that they were going to be late because Kelly got mad at him and told him it was too cold to leave the house! Alaric threw on a pair of shorts to try to prove her wrong (haha) and they were out the door and on their way!

They made it about 100 yards into their run when Alaric stopped and opened up his Snapchat to take a photo of Kelly running ahead of him. He called her back to look at the photo and, to her surprise, he had a custom Snapchat filter made for the day that asked her to marry him. He pulled a ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee.

And of course, she said YES!! I know that getting engaged is literally one of the very best feelings in the entire world, and I am so, so happy for these two. As she kept looking down at her new ring, she kept saying, "I can't believe I yelled at you that it was too cold this morning! I had no idea!!"

Another piece of great news is that the run was canceled so that they could go celebrate their first day as an engaged couple. Congratulations, you guys!! Thanks for letting me be included in your moment!!

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