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  • Elizabeth

Andy + Andrea: In Home Session

This past week, Andrea and Andy closed on their very first home together. After moving all day on Saturday, they decided to spend their Sunday doing something a little more fun! We spent the morning documenting the first big day in their new home by taking a few pictures!

In home sessions are my absolute FAVORITE. They are so much more intimate and meaningful compared to sessions at parks or other public places, and they really showcase who a couple is. Taking photos in the place where you spend the most of your time, the place that you worked so hard to have, the place that you decorated all on your own, the place that you make so many memories in . . . it's just so special.

Andy and Andrea are such a sweet couple. I actually took engagement photos for them this past summer and will take their wedding photos next spring. After doing some thinking, they decided that they reallllly wanted photos to document this new stage in life as well, and I'm SO glad that they decided to capture these first memories in their new home.

I honestly wish more people would see the value in capturing these moments with their significant other/family with an in home session. Andrea absolutely made my day when she texted me and told me that I was capturing some of the best times in her life so perfectly and oh my goodness! That's honestly one of the best things a photographer can hear and I absolutely melted!

Their sweet pup Casper actually surprised everyone and jumped in on the opportunity to get in front of the camera. He was such a great little model and adds just a bit more love to the photos, too!

Even though it was a chilly November morning, we knew that we needed to take a few photos outside as well. One of the reasons on why they bought this house in particular (other than the fact that the street is named after a fruit, so cool!) is because the front of it is so symmetrical, making it very pleasing to look at. After taking a few shots in front of the house we headed to the backyard to capture a bit of the remaining fall magic.

I had such a fun time photographing Andrea and Andy and am so excited to capture their big day next year. These two are so sweet and fun and it's such an honor to be that go-to person to help document these special life moments!!

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