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  • Elizabeth

Schweickart Family Photos

Every year around late October or early November, The Schweickart Family arranges to get an updated family photo taken. Because Jody and Chris got married in early November, their photos are always taken around the time of their anniversary. This year is extra special because they're celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary! Wow!

A lot has changed for them over the past ten years and a great way to see that is by looking at their kids. I haven't seen them since August of last year when I photographed their aunt's wedding, but they have grown up SO much. It was awesome being able to see them all again and really see their personalities start to show in their photos.

We met at Sawyer Point Park and everyone was a champ taking on the chilly air and rainy weather. This was my first time shooting there and it was so nice to see a few fall colors peeking through!

Outside of all of the posed family shots, I really like to try to capture a lot of natural moments that really show what family is. Here are a few of my favorites.

I always love working with the Schweickart family and I can't wait for them to see the rest of their photos from this session. Rain and all they had constant smiles and giggles and that makes my heart so happy :)

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