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Olivia: Senior Session

One of the biggest decisions seniors make when booking their senior portrait session (besides the photographer!) is what season they want to have them taken in. A session in the fall gives a different vibe for photos than a session in the spring does. Olivia was originally having trouble deciding what season she wanted her photos taken in, but lucky for us, we live in Cincinnati and were able to have all four seasons in our one session ;) Winter, spring, summer, and fall.

We were able to meet up at one of my FAVORITE photo locations in Cincinnati for her session, and it's honestly a hidden gem. It's not usually crazy overpopulated with other photographers (or even other visitor) and it's honestly perfect.

The weather actually worked out for us to have a BEAUTIFUL golden hour sunset and we completely missed this week of rain that we're in the middle of right now.

Olivia graduates this coming May and is looking forward to all of the many options that will come with choosing the direction of her future. She made my job incredibly easy and we were able to get SO many great photos. After finishing up with her first outfit, she decided to change and we headed down to the water. What we didn't know is that this would be the "summer" season of her session!

It always amazes me what the perfect lighting and a little bit of editing can do to the mood of a photo. Does it look like we took these at the end of October in Ohio? No! It looks like we're on a tropical island in the middle of June! Hello! Yes please!

As we transitioned into outfit three, we switched seasons and all of a sudden it was fall again! The sunset started to come through the trees PERFECTLY and everything fell into place.

She honestly just blows me away. Look at how gorgeous she is!! Since this was the first time I've had an *official* session here, Olivia and I did a bit of exploring as well. We were able to stumble upon a set of stairs and what ended up being the perfect set of fall "flowers." They may have been past their time, but they made an absolutely beautiful addition to our photos!

We finished off shooting in this outfit with a few "winter" styled photos that fit perfectly with the warmth of her sweater.

As the sun was setting over the water, she quickly switched into her last outfit and we were set and ready for a few photos that looked like early spring! A bright pop of color on the countryside over the water . . . what a perfect ending to a beautiful session! We had a blast!

If you are interested in booking your senior session, send me a message! I'd love to chat details with you and make your vision into a reality. Senior sessions, portrait sessions, and headshots are always so much FUN :)

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