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  • Elizabeth

Headshots: Paige

You want to know what's awesome? The fact that I got to start my day today at the studio for an early headshot session with Paige. It's been SO long since I've taken headshots, especially in the studio!

I've been working my marketing lately towards couples and boudoir photography, but today reminded me that those aren't the only subjects I like to capture. Paige and I did nothing but laugh and we had so much fun taking all of these photos. Just look at how CUTE all of her outfits were!

She definitely brought her A-game, let me tell you. I'll be spending every morning at the studio for the rest of the week due to the boudoir sessions I have set up, but it was so refreshing to start the week off in a new studio with just a white wall.

Paige made my job so easy and I can't wait to continue going through the rest of these photos. She just looks like she's walking right out of a JCPenny advertisement and I just LOVE it.

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