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Alex + Jordan: Maternity

I can't believe that these past few months have flown by and that it's already almost time for Baby Swoboda to arrive. Back in March, I had a blog post showing Alex and Jordan's pregnancy announcement, and last weekend we met up again to take a few maternity photos. Let me just say, Jordan is GLOWING.

We met up at Smale Riverfront Park to get a good mix of a city vibes with a sweet and intimate secret garden feel. I think we were lucky enough to get the best of both worlds.

It's so exciting to be able to capture the entire process of adding a new member to a family. From pregnancy announcement photos to maternity photos to newborn photos, I LOVE being able to see how a couple's love and admiration for one another changes and grows over the course of the adventure. I love being able to watch as the story unfolds and I love being able to piece together the little details that mean so much to new parents. One of the best pieces of the story thus far is that Jordan and Alex are expecting a baby BOY (how appropriate that they chose to wear blue!) and have decided to name him Jude.

Even with Jordan, Alex, and Jude, we're still missing one VERY important member of the family. The first baby, Baxter, was able to tag along and jump in for a few shots as well. He's catching up on his reading and will make a GREAT big brother!

If it's not obvious, Jude is a VERY loved little man and is already so blessed with such a strong and caring family. Jordan is already collecting books for him, and I bet he will love listening to his parents read to him at bedtime each night.

Even though we unexpectedly planned their session for the same night that there was a concert at Great American Ball Park (so much traffic and so many people!) I think that everything turned out so well! I had so much fun working with these two for my first EVER maternity session (yay!) and love how they all turned out.

I'm so excited for Jude's arrival here in a few short weeks, and I can't wait to be able to share his precious newborn photos with you. Time will fly and it will be here before we know it!

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