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  • Elizabeth

Nathan + Ashley: Engagement Photos

You guys. I was finally able to get out and play photographer again and I am SO excited about it. For those of you who do not know, I started graduate school a few weeks ago and have been so incredibly busy. This past week, I was finally able to get a much needed break and was lucky enough to meet Nathan and Ashley for an engagement session.

Last month, I ran a giveaway on my Facebook page after hitting 500 "likes" and Ashley won! She chose an engagement session and we set it up to meet during sunset at one of my favorite locations.

These two were absolutely PERFECT. Constantly making one another laugh and both of them were so enthusiastic about all of my crazy photo suggestions. Natural smiles? No problem for these two!

I usually don't take assistants to sessions with me, but I did make an exception and take my dear friend Whitney this time. Whitney is trying to learn the ropes of photography and I gave her a quick camera lesson to hopefully get her started and eventually become one of my second shooters for weddings. Let me just say, it was so nice to have a second body to help show Nathan and Ashley what to do!

Surprisingly, it wasn't too hot out and these two were up for running through the grassy fields and I had an absolute BLAST working with them. Sometimes, attitude is everything and both of them brought their best for photos.

The ultimate goal for my Facebook giveaway was to reach even more wonderful couples and I'm so thankful it allowed me to meet these two. They started off their session by apologizing for how awkward they would be, but if they are awkward, I want to work with awkward forever. Just LOOK AT THEM, okay?!

Thanks for being so awesome, Nathan and Ashley! I hope that you love all of your photos so far and I can't wait for you to see the rest!!

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