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  • Elizabeth

Austin + Emily: Engagement Photos

I feel like I spend so much time running through fields and forests with my clients that being able to transition into more of an urban setting every once in a while is exactly what I need. Luckily, Austin and Emily picked all of the best spots for their engagement session this week.

These two are TOO cute. Believe it or not, they actually met at their high school prom. Neither one of them had a date, but met after mutual friends introduced them that night. Four years later, the rest is history!

Our main location for these photos was Washington Park and the surrounding Over The Rhine area. I love the urban vibe that the alleys and empty streets provide, and I think it fit perfectly with the classic and vintage look Emily is planning for the wedding next year.

I had a blast running through the streets and asking Emily and Austin to do all sorts of crazy stuff in front of my camera so that I could capture genuine smiles from them. The good news is, that's always SO easy when two people are as in love as they are! Don't they just melt you??

It looks like we had a great night weather wise, right? What you don't see is the behind the scenes. As we were walking from place to place, we were wiping away sweat and seeing how fast we could chug down water. It was almost a hundred degrees that evening! Aren't they awesome for dealing with the heat? The only thing looking a hundred degrees here is them!

Right now, Emily is still finishing up school and Austin is a firefighter. When we met up to talk about their wedding and plan their engagement photos, incorporating Austin's career into a location was extremely important. Let me just say, I am SO glad that they suggested this next place.

While driving the firetruck at work, Austin passes this older fire station almost every day. After we took a peek at it on google maps, we decided that there was no better place to end such a fire-y session other than a fire station! And oh MY! These two absolutely killed it!!

Does your heart not just skip a beat looking at them?! I LOVE it when I have clients come to me with location suggestions. It creates such a creative challenge for their session and it keeps me on my toes! After such a fun engagement session, I can't wait until these two tie the knot next year!!

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