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Jake + Lydia: Engagement Photos

There is a big part of me that feels bad because every single time I go to write a blog post about a recent session, I spend the whole post bragging about how awesome my clients are. I mean it each time, but especially this time. Meet Jake and Lydia.

As if that didn't start their session off on the best note already, when I got to their house I was greeted by the newest member of their family, Ozzy. He is a little ball of love and energy and added an extra bit of adorable to their photos.

Believe it or not, Jake and Lydia have never had professional photos taken. Oh my gosh, it was so refreshing to work with them! They had zero expectations as to how the experience would be since they haven't ever had a session with another photographer (who may run their session differently than I do). For those of you that I haven't worked with yet, I like to make my sessions fun and natural. I may ask you to do some silly things, but it always makes for the BEST photo. This next one, for example, is exactly that. I set them up in this pose and said one little phrase and they both busted into laughter. It was SO CUTE. They make my heart swoon, I swear.

As I've been editing over the past few days, I've been texting new favorites to Lydia and oh my goodness, she's absolutely precious. I text previews to all of my clients, but it's so refreshing to have one of them text me back with so many emojis and exclamation points, telling me that she's so thankful that I managed to capture their love so well. And let me tell you, no matter who your photographer is, I promise that they love to hear that feedback. Having your client be just as excited as you are is absolutely wonderful.

After we finished up taking photos in their backyard, we decided to location hop to a nearby park. Most of my sessions don't allow the time for a change in location, but I'm SO glad that this one did.

The weather looks awesome, right? A little hot out, but we were okay. As we sat down by the lake to take a few shots with the boats, Jake joked that we should jump in the water to cool off for a bit. What we didn't realize was that the heat wouldn't last much longer.

Out of nowhere, it started to drizzle. Just a little bit of water, we were okay. We were taking photos under a tree so we didn't really feel it, but as soon as we stepped out, it started pouring. Like a crazy, raining cats and dogs type of summer storm. Absolutely POURING.

However, Jake and Lydia are absolutely awesome. Neither one of them said they wanted to stop shooting so we kept at it. And boy oh boy, I am SO glad that we did. These are probably some of the best photos I have ever taken. Rain and all.

I am so thankful for these two and their adventurous spirit. I had an absolute blast hanging out with them for a few hours and I can't wait to be able to capture their wedding next year. Isn't that crazy?? Booking weddings through the end of 2019 already? Gosh my heart is SO happy!

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