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Home Stories: Baby Charlotte

I had an early morning flight today and was finally able to sit down and edit a few photos from this past weekend's Home Story session. Meet Miss Charlotte.

Charlotte is almost two months old now, but due to a few bumps in her path so far, we delayed her first in home session until she got a little bit healthier. Even though she's not necessarily a newborn anymore, she is still as cute as she can be.

I love booking Home Story sessions like these because of how easy it is to see love in the photos. Capturing the natural moments that a new family has together warms my heart and I absolutely love being able to provide new parents with not only photos of their newest addition, but also photos of the three of them together.

Aside from having two loving and adoring parents, Charlotte also has an absolutely precious nursery and a protective older brother watching out for her. He may be a little jealous of all of the attention going to her now, but he's hanging in there!

Whenever I work with new babies, I always strive to capture those precious small details that they grow out of so soon. Tiny ears and tiny toes melt my heart and I adored Charlotte's red hair coming in. Just like her Momma's!

Charlotte only slept for about twenty of her session, so we have SO many photos of her big and beautiful blue eyes. However, spending your morning modeling is quite exhausting and she did end up getting prettttty tired!

Charlotte is a loved little lady and she is already so strong. I know that her strength stems from her family and they have created such a support system behind her. There may be a few tears, but her Momma and Daddy know how to help make everything better.

Before we ended her session, we wanted to make sure we got a family photo in the backyard Charlotte will make so many memories in. Almost everyone seemed happy about it . . .

Haha, I love it when pets are involved in family photos! :) The Ferguson Family is absolutely precious, and I admire the strength that they have in their family. I can't wait until they get to see the rest of the images from their session within the next few days!

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