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Brittany: Class of 2018

This year, my May schedule happens to be packed full. Between working 40 hours a week, prepping for my first wedding, and squeezing in one last vacation in before starting graduate school in a few weeks, I've been pretty busy. I wasn't actually planning on doing any graduation sessions this year just because of time, but when Brittany reached out and asked about them, I just knew that I couldn't refuse. And I am SO happy that we made some time to squeeze them in. :)

I've been friends with Brittany for the past few years, and I'm so proud that she's finally graduating from Mount St. Joseph University this weekend. Even though they aren't able to decorate their caps for the ceremony, Brittany had her first graders sign the bottom of hers, and the result makes my heart melt.

Brittany's Momma actually sent her with a list of shots she wanted to make sure that we captured and her ideas all turned out fabulous! The perfect golden hour sun behind us made them all so much better.

I think one of my favorite photos that I captured from her session was this next one. As I was leaving my house about to head over to meet her, I saw the 2018 balloons I still had hanging in my room from a New Year's Eve photo booth. I just couldn't resist what a perfect opportunity it would be to get one more good use out of them, so I packed them up and brought them with me. And ohhhhh my goodness!

She's perfect!! My heart was so happy! This year, I'm starting to transition more out of seniors and portrait photography and more into engagement and wedding photography, so I was SO excited to see that she brought along her boyfriend, Nick.

He hates getting his photo taken, but he agreed to get in a few shots with her as a graduation gift to her. And my heart just melts looking at them.

Since this was only a mini session, those are the only previews you get to see! I absolutely loved seeing Brittany again and a huge congratulations to her for graduating! Good luck in grad school, you'll make a WONDERFUL teacher!

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