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Andrea + Andy: 16-Bit Engagement Session

As a photographer, I sometimes feel like I work myself into a creative rut when I continuously work with clients at the same locations during the same time of day. All of my clients receive images that turn out unique, but sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in my own creative comfort zone. That's why I'm so thankful for Andrea and Andy.

When Andrea first approached me for engagement photos, she said she had something a little different in mind. She and Andy love gaming, and she wanted to have their engagement photos taken in an arcade. I'm all for trying something new, so we started talking details and ended up getting permission from 16-Bit Bar + Arcade to hold a little session there.

I typically don't shoot indoors unless I'm working in the studio or in someone's home, so this was a new challenge for me. However, I'm so happy with how their images turned out! Everyone at 16-Bit was phenomenal and these photos turned out so loving, but also so natural! The atmosphere definitely made everything come together for an awesome blend of perfection.

Just like I always say with my Home Story sessions, it is so much easier capturing someone else's natural smiles and moments in a place where they are comfortable. Andrea and Andy may not live here, but this was somewhere that was so comfortable and natural (and fun!) for them to spend time together.

And as a bonus, we were able to get SO MANY awesome ring shots!!

Another reason as to why I really wanted to hold their session at 16-Bit was because of the surrounding area. Over The Rhine is gorgeous and there are so many photo opportunities around if you know what you are looking for. And of course, we just had to take advantage of some of them.

Working with these two was an absolute dream. They tried all of my crazy ideas and looked so in love while doing it. We had gorgeous weather and it wasn't even that busy!

I always love working with an adventurous couple, and Andrea and Andy were down for an adventure. One of my favorite adventures of the night was asking them to run towards me in the middle of an empty street. This usually either goes really good, or really bad. These two were PERFECT and made my awkward request look like a dream.

This session was so refreshing and I'm so glad that we all had fun hanging out in OTR. Being able to get out of my creative comfort zone in 16-Bit was so much fun and I can't wait to continue to work with all of my awesome clients this coming summer. If you or someone you know is engaged, send them my way! My sessions are filling up FAST and I want to be sure that I can fit you in :)

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