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Katie + Jeremy: Home Stories

I've recently started offering "Home Story" sessions and I can honestly say that they create some of my favorite photos. There is just something so special about cozy photos with the one you love in the place you call home. Meet Katie and Jeremy.

Katie and Jeremy actually got married this past December and are finally settled into their new home. We took a few photos to document this first phase that starts their forever and I am so in love with how their session turned out.

We started off by sharing a cup of tea and as soon as I saw their adorable little cups, I knew that I had to break out the camera and start us off on a perfect note.

We had one of their playlists playing in the background as they sipped their tea and cuddled on the couch. A perfect Saturday in my opinion!

I've known Katie for almost nine years now (oh my goodness!) and it makes my heart so unbelievably happy to know that she's found a man like Jeremy to spend her life with. He has such a calming presence but knows exactly what to do to make her laugh. Like laugh so hard she spills hot tea all over her hand (oops!).

Jeremy wasn't too excited for the photos, but Katie just kept telling him that he was going to look like the *perfect* lifestyle session model and she was right! The two of them together in their adorable little home look like they come straight out of a magazine. I mean, just look at how they decorate their space. It makes my heart smile.

After we were done sipping on tea, one of their favorite songs started playing and they started to dance.

And as if tea and dancing weren't enough to make their session perfect, Jeremy broke out his guitar. Katie completely fell into him as he casually played her a song.

I love Home Stories because they don't only document such a special place, but they allow me to capture so many more genuine moments between two people who love one another. Home is where your heart is, and it's so much more natural to capture love where you're comfortable. Yeah, maybe it's kind of weird that I'm hiding behind my camera crashing your Saturday afternoon date at home, but I mean, these photos make memories. They'll be something to cherish for years to come.

Before we called it a day, we decided to try something that really was "lifestyle photography" worthy. Katie had recently gotten a few flowers that she needed to plant and decided to wait for me because they could probably make for fun pictures. Katie was right. Look at how CUTE these are!

This past weekend was so much fun and I'm so glad that Katie and Jeremy invited me into their home to take photos with them. If you're interested in setting up your own Home Story, send me a message and we can work something out! These are such sweet sessions and I promise that you'll absolutely love the results. Just look at how happy Katie is!

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