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  • Elizabeth

Oh Baby! Swoboda Pregnancy Announcement

I always love working with couples, but it's extra exciting when they're announcing that they're expanding their family! It's official, Jordan and Alex are expecting a baby!

This session started out in the same way that every couples session I have ever had the pleasure of photographing starts out. Jordan looked at me and said, "You may have to direct us, we're really awkward." To which I replied, "that's what everyone always says, you won't be awkward I promise!" And she said, "No, I mean it, we really are awkward." And I said, "Yup! That's what everyone always says after I tell them they won't be awkward." Haha. But seriously, if Alex and Jordan are awkward, I want to work with awkward for the rest of my life. Look at how PRECIOUS they are!

Jordan and I had been planning this little announcement session for weeks and I'm so glad that it was finally able to happen. We had to reschedule once because of the weather, but it ended up being for the best.

We met up at Devou Park and my goodness. I don't know if it's because it's been a Cincinnati winter or if I'm just so accustomed to working in the studio, but it feels like it's been SO long since I've been able to work with the sun in my photos. I've missed it.

Jordan and Alex came with so many sweet ideas, and I can't wait until their first child (their dog!) can join in on the fun during the maternity photos in a few months.

Obviously, these photos were all secret until Jordan and Alex told their families and friends, but when I fall in LOVE with a session I just can't keep it to myself. As soon as I was done editing their images, I just had to show my mom. She is always up for looking over my pictures before I send them off in their online galleries, but one thing that she said this time just stuck with me. We got to this next picture, and her words said what I felt the entire time I was looking through these photos.

She said, "wow, you can tell that she's so happy that she's a mom." I've known Jordan for a few months now, and I already know that she's going to be an amazing mom. These two melt my heart, and I'm so excited that I got to help them document this first step in such a big life change. Congratulations, guys! I can't wait to meet Baby Swoboda!

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