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Snow Day: Portraits

It's not often that Cincinnati gets covered in a few inches of snow that stays on the ground for a few days, but when it does, it needs to be documented. This past week, we were able to capture the beauty in the background of a few portraits. Let me just say, this is one of my favorite sessions to date.

After waking up to see the beauty that appeared overnight, Kat and I met up Monday afternoon at Miami Whitewater Forest. Other than a few kids sledding, we were the only ones in the park.

The adventure began as soon as we entered the park. We had a rough idea about where we wanted to shoot, but after my car got stuck trying to go up a hill, we backtracked things and decided to just start where we were. Once the car was safe and parked we continued on foot.

The snow continued to fall as we made our way down a trail through the woods. We were nervous as to whether or not it would show up in the photos, but I'm so excited to say that it did! Shooting in the snow was so exciting, I wish it was like this all winter long!

After making it out of the woods (silently singing Taylor Swift in my head) we headed down the middle of the road on our way to see how frozen the lake was. The wide shots we ended up getting look somewhat similar to Narnia.

We were having so much fun that the cold didn't seem to bother us. We even had time to stop and take a break to swing.

It was so much fun to be a kid again and enjoy a snow day. It turns out that the lake ended up not only being frozen, but covered in snow. The white blanket was beautiful and so were Kat's portraits. I mean, just look at her.

The snow covered canoes were a photographer's dream and I can't get over how beautiful the snow makes absolutely everything.

This session was so much fun and I can't wait until it snows again. Because of the cold, I am booking shorter, 30 minute snow sessions for only $85! If you want one, whether it be for individual portraits or a couple, reach out to me so we can set something up! Thanks for making it this far, stay warm today!

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