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  • Elizabeth

Sidney, Cj, Rocky: Fall 2017

I finally got to work with Sidney, Cj, and Rocky again, and I'm SO excited to share a few previews with you!

I took pictures of this little trio last year for their Christmas card, and it made me so happy to meet up with them again to get a few updated shots. I always say that the best compliment I can be given is a returning client, and working with the these three absolutely melts my heart.

Cj and Sidney have been together for about three and a half years, and Rocky holds such a big place in each of their hearts. It's absolutely precious to watch the three of them interact and it was SO much fun being able to capture all of their adorable moments on camera.

One of the biggest reasons I love working with the same clients repeatedly over the years is because I can see such a change in my photography. Over the past year, my style has shifted from posed shots to natural moments, and I love being able to capture genuine happiness. Looking back through their photos from last year, I love being able to see how happy Cj makes Sidney and being able to capture that emotion in a different way than I did before. I mean, just look at her laugh. My. Whole. Heart.

We met up at Sharon Woods pretty early Saturday morning, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. Even though the sun was shining a little brighter than I would have liked, we were able to use it as a backlight and get gorgeous shots with it.

Rocky was so well behaved the entire time, and it's crazy to think that he looks even bigger than he was last year. Every time we meet up for pictures, he always makes sure he is looking his best, this year, sporting a holiday colored bowtie!

I love working with couples, and I love it when they bring their pets! Working with Cj, Sidney, and Rocky was SO much fun, and I can't wait for them to see the rest of the photos in their gallery. Remember that I'm running a holiday sale until December 1st for 20% off one to three hour sessions, so message me if you'd like to set something up! I love meeting new clients, and I love taking holiday photos! Thanks for getting this far in the blog!

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