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  • Elizabeth

Ben + Ruth: Engagement Photos

I don't know where to start. Thursday's session was an absolute dream. I had perfect weather, perfect lighting, and the perfect couple. Meet Ben and Ruth.

We planned on meeting at Miami Whitewater Forest and, little did I know, this was actually the place that they had their first date and the place that they got engaged! While Ben is from around the Harrison area, he and Ruth actually met through school at Miami.

Whenever I work with couples, I typically have a lot of secret tips & tricks I use to help get more genuine, natural shots. However, I was SO impressed that everything came so easy for these two that I really didn't have to direct them at all.

To be honest, I could not imagine anyone more perfect for each other but these two. They connect on every level and I'm so happy for them. Listening to them giggle about inside jokes they share or watching them try to sneak in a kiss literally melted my heart.

I spend a lot of time at Miami Whitewater but this was actually one of my first sessions in this part of the park. The fall colors, sunset, and water created a perfect balance of so many different styles.

Engagement sessions are my favorite and I love meeting and working with new couples. Luckily, I've known these two for a few years now, but it was SO great to be able to work with them on a different level and really be able to show off how special their bond is.

I had such a great time working with them and I'm so glad that they like their pictures! If you're interested in booking a session with me, I have one more spot open in October and am already starting to fill up for November, so message me so we can work something out!

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