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Combining Art Forms

Alright SO. This past weekend I had a boudoir shoot with an absolutely BEAUTIFUL bride-to-be. Obviously, I can't post any of those images in a blog post, but I'm just throwing it out there: in-home boudoir sessions are a new favorite of mine. Due to the fact that I couldn't post that particular session, I felt the need to make up for it with a new style of self portraits.

Welcome to my weird side. I tried something new by setting up a complete photography "studio" in my basement and let my imagination flow. For some crazy reason, I've recently felt the need to paint myself in something other than makeup for a portrait session. I saw a photo online that helped me figure out that paint was that something.

Tuesday morning I found myself standing in the arts & crafts isle at Target trying to decide what in the world I was trying to create. Did I just want basic colors? Neon colors? Glitter? It was all washable paint for kids, so I felt like any of it would work. And I'll let you know, even though every box they sell clearly states "do not use as face/body paint," the paint I chose actually worked very well. So washable that I just had to stand under water to get it all off. It was great.

Why did I do this? I really have no idea, but it was SO much fun. I had a few pictures that I had used for inspiration, but when it came time to actually apply the paint onto my skin, everything kind of went out the window and I just started finger painting my body.

Once I figured out that there was really no "right way" I kind of went a little bit crazy, but I actually love how these pictures turned out. And because so many people always ask me how I take such good pictures of myself, I decided to not only tell you all, but actually show you.

That's right! I'm finally back on YouTube! This time, instead of only focusing on traveling, I'm transitioning into more of a photography tips & tricks channel as well. I'm at least *attempting* the challenge.

So if you're interested in learning exactly how I set this up and took these photos myself, check out the video below! I appreciate you supporting my weird and crazy, and I want to know what you think about this particular session so please let me know. I don't really have much more to type about, so just listen to me ramble on camera instead :)

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