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  • Elizabeth

Hutchison Family Photos

After rescheduling for rain, I was finally able to meet up with the Hutchison Family for a few updated family photos! Even though we didn't get a bright and sunny golden hour, we got to shoot on one of the first nights of fall (temperature wise!).

Meet Jake and Nate, two of the absolute CUTEST kids I have ever worked with. Not only are they each full of energy and adventure, but also with so much love for one another.

Actually, this entire family is full of so much love for one another. I know that it can be so frustrating trying to get everything together for family photos, but they came together and were so happy to be doing it. And when Jake wasn't looking at the camera or Nate was trying to run off in the other direction, everything was still so flawless and that's what made our session so special. Sometimes, you can't force the posed style with family photos. You have to completely embrace the natural, lifestyle feel. And I LOVE the pictures that come with following that motto.

The boys were able to seek out adventure, learn about the different colors of leaves, and laugh at Daddy running around behind me!

Play in photos is so important. Eventually, toddlers grow and smiles don't flow as naturally. You won't always be able to scoop up your baby and steal a kiss. These moments may not seem like they're the ones you want to capture, but they're the ones you'll eventually miss.

I had so much fun with this adorable little family and I'm so happy that they trusted me to capture these precious moments with them! I also can't wait until they get their flash drive in the mail and see the rest of their pictures!

Although I'm just about booked for October, I'm starting to fill sessions for November! If you're interested in capturing memories of your own family before it gets too cold outside, don't hesitate to contact me for more information! You wouldn't want to miss out on another year without updated pictures, I promise. :)

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