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  • Elizabeth

Build & Bloom: Engagement Photos

This past weekend, I took a little trip out of town to drive to Virginia Beach and back. On the way, I just happened to be driving through Chillicothe, Ohio and had the opportunity to meet Maki and her fiancé Jerrod.

Maki and I had met through an online photography Facebook group that has completely changed who I am as a photographer. After seeing that the only pictures we each had with our significant others were ones that we had taken as self portraits, we decided to arrange a meet up to exchange sessions.

We met in a little park off the side of the highway we were traveling on and oh my goodness-this location was perfect. From trees in the woods to an open lake, we had fall colors and it was just beautiful.

And let me just say, what a blessing these two were. It was so refreshing working with another photographer to be able to bounce ideas off of and learn from. It was also wonderful that these two pose and model for self portraits ALL the time, so they knew exactly what to do and made my job way too easy!

I always say it, but working with couples is honestly one of my favorite things. They naturally fit together so well and I love being able to capture moments in time that really show how they feel about each other.

It's also (finally) starting to look like fall out, and I think that just adds to the session. Fall brings cooler weather and makes you want to get all cozy with the one you love, and these two were SO great at getting cozy (even if it only looked like fall but felt like summer!)

Maki and Jerrod met through mutual friends in high school and have been together for a little over five years. Now they're engaged and are going to get married!

Driving out to meet them was SO much fun and I'm so glad that Build & Bloom brought us together! Joining that group completely changed my view on photography and the entire "art" process behind it and I've learned more from the other members than I would have ever imagined possible.

These two were such a blast and I couldn't have imagined a better start to my weekend. We were able to capture such genuine moments of happiness and that was one of our biggest goals!

Maki and I can each capture such great moments with our significant others, but it was such a different experience to have the opportunity to have someone else capture the more genuine and real side of our relationships. She did an absolutely wonderful job capturing David and I and I really couldn't be happier with how all of this turned out!

Thankful for them and for Build & Bloom for bringing us all together! We had so much FUN!

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