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  • Elizabeth

Piper's 1st Birthday

Oh, hello! Meet Little Miss Piper Jean! Bright blue eyes and full of energy, we had SO much fun during our session this past Tuesday.

After having so many newborn sessions over the past few months, I forgot how crazy toddlers can be! Piper just turned one, but she's fully mobile and definitely kept me on my toes!

A little over two years ago, I booked my first ever session with "strangers" - someone I knew referred me to one of their friends and they contacted me to shoot their wedding reception. They had had a destination wedding and wanted to celebrate back home with friends and family too, so they threw a party and I got to play photographer! Those two strangers? Piper's parents!

Since their reception, Matt and Heidi have come to me for extended family photos and now photos for Piper's first birthday. I cannot get over what an honor it is to have them continuously come back. What a compliment as a photographer!

Piper was ALL smiles while watching Daddy and Mommy run around and make crazy faces and funny noises behind me. Capturing her joy just shows how contagious it is! How can you look at her and not smile too?!?

We met at Aulk Park for these shots, and it was actually the first time I had ever been there! Living in Cincinnati for (basically) my entire life, I don't know how I missed it!

We had so much fun during this little session, and it was such a joy that Matt and Heidi would share Piper with me. Even though it was almost her bedtime, she was SO well behaved and a perfect little model! She even had her go to "funny" face! Ha!

Bottom line is that I had a blast! I love this little family and being able to capture a new part of their story each year. One of the best parts of being a photographer is that exactly :)

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