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*Falling* In Love

Brace yourself, Seth and Meghan's fall photos are here. And my heart almost can't handle it.

This past weekend I FINALLY got to see one of my best friends again! Meghan and I met our freshman year of college, and became closer once we both decided we wanted to transfer and move out of Louisville. Now that we've both been living in Cincinnati for the past few years, life has just gotten so busy and we don't get to see each other very often. When we do though, it's great.

About a year and a half ago, Seth stepped into Meghan's life and into her heart. The first time I met him my heart melted seeing them together. They're such a perfect balance for each other . and come ON, look at how happy he makes her!

Going from sitting in our dorm rooms freshman year dreaming about the guys we would meet and what our happy-ever-after would look like to now, it's so crazy. It makes me so happy that these two found each other and I couldn't wish for anything more for them.

Although it looks like we had a beautiful night with cool and crisp weather, we are in Cincinnati. Because it's late September, it was almost 90 degrees and we were sweating out butts off. I told them that, if they dressed like fall, I would do my best to make it look like fall too. I'm not going to reveal a what these pictures looked like before I did that until the end, though, so keep reading ;)

We ended up getting so many fun and romantic pictures because these two just bubbled with love and energy. They followed all of my silly directions and, even though they doubted me at first, agreed that we ended with some great shots.

We chose the golden hour because the lighting is just perfect this time of year. It doesn't last long anymore, but when you find that sweet spot it's like striking gold.

Before we agreed to set up a session, Meghan mentioned how Seth wouldn't be too pumped about it. However, twenty minutes after they left she texted me and told me that he had changed his mind and had a great time! I mean, I wasn't surprised because who doesn't have fun hanging out and appreciating the one you love!

This was the first time in probably five or six years I've been to Sharon Woods for a session, and it's so much more crowded than it used to be. Regardless, it's still beautiful and I'll have to go back!

These two are perfect and I cannot wait until I get to see Meghan again and actually spend time with her here in a couple of weeks! October is approaching fast which means that it's back to busy season for photographers! Which brings me to my next little announcement!

On October 29th, I'm offering mini sessions at Miami Whitewater Forest. 30 minutes, 10+ edited images given back on a flash drive with full printing rights, only $70! This is SUCH a great deal and I'm filling up fast. Right now I only have 30 minute time slots available after 3:30pm, so message me to book yours!

And just because I promised, here's a little before and after with editing! You aren't just paying a photographer for her ability to take a photo, but also the knowledge and experience she has with the post-production process. Don't believe me? Take a look!

This is the before...

And this is the after...

I know, sometimes I surprise myself too. Editing almost makes me feel like a magician, but that's what we'll end on today. Stay tuned for more blog posts coming over the next few weeks, I'm almost booked for the entire month of October so there should be a lot of them!

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