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  • Elizabeth

I See London, I See France

I feel like it has been SO long since I last posted a blog post, but I'm back! As many of you know, I love improving my capturing and editing skills and I think a great way to practice that is by taking self portraits. Aside from having to consider how I'm posed and modeling in from of the camera, I have to make sure that my camera settings, lighting setup, and focus are all exactly the way I want them to be before I start shooting.

The process may be complicated, but I always have so. much. fun. Especially when I get David to agree to model with me.

Because I love all things cheesy, David recently surprised me with matching underwear. Instagram has been flooded with ads from a relatively new brand called MeUndies. As soon as I started scrolling through the hundreds of photos people have these underwear tagged in, I was inspired.

David took it upon himself to surprise me with these maroon ones. And let me just say, the website does not lie. They are SO soft. But with me being me, I couldn't stop with just matching undies and t-shirts. Cue the matching s'mores socks.

I found these on Amazon and knew that they would complete the look. I honestly don't really care about what anyone else says, I love being able to just dance around and have a fun afternoon. Because being able to be silly and have fun with someone you love is so important.

We spent the afternoon laughing at how crazy it was for us to literally be matching down to our socks and undies, and we made memories I wouldn't ever want to change.

Because he and I still have another 5 weeks of long distance until we get to see one another again, these are photos that I know we will both cherish.

He's my favorite, and I absolutely adore the fact that it would be his idea to do this. I can't express how much I loveeeee being able to capture the love between two people. If you want to have your own in home session, message me to set something up! This was so much fun for David and I, and I bet you and your SO would love it too!

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