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A Woodsy Wedding

Ahhh! I am so excited to share this with you all! This past week, I photographed my first wedding on my own!

Yes, I work as a wedding coordinator just about every weekend so weddings aren't new to me, but as a photographer? That's such a responsibility! I've only ever photographed a destination wedding reception before this past week, not an entire ceremony!

However, this was PERFECT! Meet Danielle and Justin, a bride and groom who wanted a casual and intimate ceremony in the woods. After raining all day, the weather cleared up just in time for the perfect night.

The wedding was small, only sixteen close family and friends in attendance. It may not have been a lot of people, but it was definitely the people who mattered. We met in the parking lot of Rheinstrom Park and the girls finished the last minute getting ready details.

And my oh my, what a beautiful bride Danielle was . . .

You can tell that Danielle's niece, Avonlea, sees the whole world in her. It was absolutely precious to see how happy she was to have a role in her aunt's wedding and it's so obvious how much she looks up to her.

Avonlea's older sister, Annie, and younger brother, Adam, were also in the wedding. Look at how cute they all are! Justin also has a son, Wes, who got to be the ring bearer.

We took a few family photos before heading to a new part of the park for the ceremony.

And just LOOK at how precious the love a father has looking at his daughter on her wedding day heart! Such admiration!

Danielle's mom passed away not too long ago, and it was so important to include her in this day as well. To help do this, she had a piece of one of her mom's dresses sewn into her wedding dress, had her mom's wedding ring tied into her bouquet, and carried a small frame with a photo of her mom in it with her as well. I can't image how hard it must have been knowing that her mom wasn't physically there for her wedding, but I couldn't imagine a more special way to carry her memory with her throughout the day.

I just can't get over this green and woodsy feel! How intimate and perfect for an afternoon wedding. After finishing up with a few posed family shots, we moved to the ceremony space under an absolutely beautiful tree.

Justin's dad was the officiant of the ceremony and it was such a special moment.

And with a kiss, they were married! After the ceremony, we managed to get a group photo along with a few more shots of the new Mr. & Mrs. along with Wes!

I am SO thankful for this couple and I wish them nothing but the best in their new marriage. I absolutely loved being a part of their special day and I'm glad my first wedding was so small in such a beautiful location! Here in a few weeks I have my initial meeting with my first 2018 wedding couple and I could not be more excited! So many big things happening with EAC Photography, and I can't wait to share them with you :)

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