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  • Elizabeth

Long Distance Lovers

Okay, everyone. I know that I say it after almost every session, but I am so, so blessed. I have no idea how I keep booking my absolute dream clients, but it keeps happening and my heart is so happy.

This past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Christine and Ryan. They've been together for a little over two years now and met in college. However, this summer she's been living in California and he's been living in Ohio. Before this past week, they hadn't been together since last Spring.

I feel like I connected with these two SO much. Ryan actually reached out to me for photos after working with my own long distance boyfriend, David, all summer. David moved away Saturday which means that we're long distance again now too.

I feel like so many people don't understand how tough long distance can be, and it was so nice to talk to people who completely understand my side of it! I was so happy that these two finally got to be back together, but it's actually only for about a week!

Now, Christine is going to be living in New York and Ryan is going to be living in Massachusetts. They'll only be about four hours apart and will get to see one another once a month, but that's still crazy! They have such a vibrant love and I want them to be able to celebrate it to the fullest by being in person!

We decided on downtown Cincinnati for these photos so that they could explore the heart of the city that Ryan is from. We ended up getting a good mix of greenery in a park as well as an urban vibe from the city buildings.

Let me just tell you, my favorite type of session to do is one with a couple. I love being able to capture a moment in someone else's story and be able to show them the genuine love that I see between them. The laughs and jokes they share, the kiss they sneak when they think I'm not looking, and way they naturally fall together when I tell them to dance around in front of me.

I've never had a shoot in this location before, so I didn't know what to expect. I was a little nervous at first, but when inspiration struck these two went with everything my crazy mind came up with. Empty parking garages, alley ways, and the middle of the street. It was so fun.

We started around 7pm and spent the night laughing and having a great little time. It was SO hot out but they were absolute champs. Because we had a late session, the sunset was absolutely perfect.

We laughed, played, and danced until it got dark. The love these two have is so beautiful. I kept joking that I wish they both lived here all year, David always tells me that he and I need more "couple friends" and I think these two would be absolutely perfect for the job!

When the sun did set and we ran out of natural light, we happened to stumble upon a cute little area with perfect overhanging lights. We had a great view of Covington across the river and decided to keep shooting.

Like I said before, working with Ryan and Christine was an absolute dream. Photographing couples is a favorite of mine, but it's such a bonus when they feel so comfortable in front of the camera! Thanks for everything, guys!

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