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Miss Sloane Rose

Oh my goodness. Guys. This past Sunday I was blessed enough to be able to photograph the most beautiful baby girl. Meet Miss Sloane Rose.

For those of you who don't know, I spend about 90% of my Saturdays (okay, maybe that's exaggerating) working weddings through an internship I have with a wedding coordination company in downtown Cincinnati. I mostly hate it, but it does have a few perks. One of those being these absolutely GORGEOUS flowers I got for free the night before this particular newborn shoot.

I just happened to see them before walking out of my kitchen Sunday afternoon and loaded them into my car. Once I got to Cassie and Brian's house, I walked in and asked if they trusted me. I come up with some pretty crazy ideas, but I think this one fell together pretty perfectly. With Sloane's middle name being Rose, we were set.

I couldn't imagine a more perfect newborn session. Not only was their house full of natural light that automatically helped with photos, but Sloane slept the ENTIRE time I was there. She was absolutely on her best behavior.

Although this is only my second newborn session, I can't believe how much I learned from the first. Cassie and I kept laughing at how easy it was to position and pose Sloane into holding a flower or clasping her hands together. It's crazy that a few weeks ago I was almost too nervous to touch a newborn for fear of waking him up, let alone pose one the way I wanted!

However, my favorite part about my style of photography isn't about the posed shots or the forced smiles. I love capturing the look of admiration as a mom holds her first born or the protection a dad naturally has over his little girl. I love the raw, natural feel that a lifestyle session provides.

Both Cassie and Brian were SO worried that they would look awkward or out of place in the photos we took, but they followed the only rule I have perfectly and we ended up with some great shots.

Wondering what my one rule is? Only the baby is allowed to look directly at me!

However, Sloane isn't the only baby in the house, and the first baby had to make an appearance too. Everyone, meet Hank.

Hank is a gentle giant who LOVES to show off his toys. He's still a little confused about how life has changed since Sloane entered the world, but he's adjusting pretty well :)

Because Sloane pretty much slept the entire time, we were able to cruise through the list of shots that Mom wanted plus add a few more!

Because babies grow SO quickly, it's always important to capture the little details of them being small. Before you know it, they'll be all grown up.

This session turned out so perfectly. I am obsessed with lifestyle shoots and with fresh new babies! Before we called it a day, we had a quick outfit change and moved outside to take a few more family photos. (Which Cassie told me she wants to print off and hang in every room of her house, how cool is that??)

If you got this far, I'm impressed. This week's blog post was pretty long! Thank you so much for being so dedicated and getting to the end! I'm still booking newborns and lifestyle sessions for August, so message me directly to set something up!

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