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  • Elizabeth

How To: Unique Camera Effects

I am in the most fabulous photography group on Facebook. Thousands of photographers post daily asking for advice, sharing recent work, and providing inspiration.

A few days ago, someone posted a few photos with this really unique focus fade look. I started reading through the comments and found that this was such a simple thing to do and I had to try it.

So today after work I pushed my couch out of the way and sat down on my living room floor with my camera, tripod, remote, and new lighting set.

I did a few test shots just to adjust the lighting, camera settings, etc. After I got all of that squared away, I added the final touch.

This neat effect? A plastic sandwich bag around my lens. Whattttt?? I know! So cheap, so simple, such cool results.

I made a few adjustments in Lightroom just to get the colors and consistency that I wanted, but other than that it only took a few seconds to get these results!

Fun fact: the AC in my house is also broken, so I thought my red, sweaty face added to the effect of the photos.

I absolutely love how this little self portrait session turned out, and I love feeling so inspired by those around me. If you'd be interested in a session similar to this or something that would get my creative side turning, just let me know and we can set something up!

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