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Why We Take Friendship Photos

Anyone who knows me knows that I never settle for iPhone photos. If I want a picture of my group of friends doing something cool, I'd rather go through the entire process of setting up my tripod and testing the lighting rather than asking someone to take a photo of us on a phone.

Gosh! Typing that out makes me feel like I'm high maintenance (I promise I'm not!) but when it comes to capturing memories I would rather those memories be in a quality that lasts. Plus, I lovveeeee seeing how photos come out when I play both the photographer and the model!

Last weekend, my group of guy friends and I took a road trip down to Texas. I have a goal of running a half marathon in each of the 50 states, and Texas was the tenth state for me to run on that list. The majority of my guy friends like running too, so we all just decided to make a weekend of it and run in a race while on this little *vacation*.

Four out of five of us have been to either Minnesota or Florida together, but we've never really had any pictures of the group of us. After spending some time at the beach during the summer of 2015, one of our other friends ended up passing away after a bad motorcycle accident a few weeks later. I think this hit each of us hard and we now know that we have to be thankful for one another and appreciate the time we get. And what better way to document that time than with a few photos.

We started on top of an abandoned parking garage so that we would be able to get a view of downtown Fort Worth behind us.

It was a cloudy day and we had a lot of light, but we were mainly just hanging out, messing around and enjoying each other's company. After shooting here for a bit, we moved down to the city to walk around and explore. David and I (of course) had to set up our own little private session.

While we were doing this, the other guys ended up finding a playground (where appropriate fun photos followed).

After this, we moved on to continue walking so that I could take up-to-date headshots of each guy. We don't do this very often, but they like it as a little perk of me carrying my camera around ;)

I think they turned our pretty great, and I'm really glad that we finally have a few shots of the group of us! They aren't anything close to my best work as a photographer, but they mean so much to me knowing that I do have them. This group of men have completely changed my life, and after losing Tyler I know that they are here for a reason and I am beyond blessed to have them. So here's to us and our adventures in this crazy life. And just for fun:

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