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  • Elizabeth

Feldhaus Family Photos

I watched the weather constantly yesterday and hoped that the predictions wouldn't be true. It was scheduled to storm throughout the entire afternoon and I had a shoot scheduled with the Feldhaus family.

BUT Jesus loves me and listens to prayers, and we ended up with perfect weather! An overcast evening provided the lighting that I desired and everything went flawlessly from there.

The first location of the night was (like a typical shoot of mine) right off the side of the road. I've been to these barns and houses several times and they always provide a great mix of fields and flowers along with unique wooden patterns. We started with a few group family shots and then moved onto shots of just the boys and finally to mom and dad!

And let me just tell you how sweet this entire family is; so full of love and laughter after coming back from a week at the beach. Their oldest son Cameron lives across the country and is just visiting the family for a few days before flying back, so they decided to document the memories with a few pictures!

After shooting here, we made our way to Downtown Harrison to finish up. This is one of my favorite places to shoot because of all of the unique backdrops that literally look so flawless in every single picture. And I mean, with a description like that who wouldn't want to get photos taken here?

We finally finished the night with some individual headshots. Let me just say, it was SO refreshing working with so many men who loved to smile! I wasn't used to it!

I absolutely loved working with this family and I'm so glad that they liked their pictures. Out of all of my (many) favorites, I still think this last one is pretty close to the top of that list. It just screams "Wow, we made all of these wonderful people..." and I think that is such a beautiful moment to capture.

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