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  • Elizabeth

Dancing The Night Away

Sophie has been dancing for years now and I've wanted to do a session incorporating that talent for what feels like forever! After she finished school a few weeks ago her schedule opened up and we could finally squeeze in a portrait session. She starts her senior year this coming fall, and what better way to celebrate her last summer than to start it off with a little photoshoot!

We headed to Miami Whitewater Forest at about 7 pm. Not quite golden hour for this time of year, but still way later than I typically shoot.

Let me just say, dancing and flexibility both bring an entire new take to photography. How BEAUTIFUL are her photos? The angles that she is able to morph her body into absolutely blow my mind.

To start our session, we took pictures in a small field before making our way into the middle of the road. I love the texture and darkness that the road brought while Sophie liked how well it allowed her complete one of her dance routines (because it's actually rather hard to dance while barefoot in a field of tall grass, you know?).

We would awkwardly wait on the side of the road as cars would slow to pass and watch, but other than that, it was just the two of us, having a great time.

Before we called it quits for the night, we did manage to take a few nicer headshots (you know, the ones that always go into the frames and are hung on the walls at grandma's house). And I'm just amazed at how grown up she suddenly looks.

(And a few from before we even got to the park! Just had to test the lighting before we left and they turned out too good not to share!!)

So yes, Sophie was an absolute dream to work with and we had so much fun! It's been so fun watching her grow into the wonderful woman she is today and I can't wait to see where her future takes her. If you need pictures taken, contact me so we can set something up! Especially if you're a dancer :)

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