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  • Elizabeth

Meet Kat.

Kat has been there for me through thick and thin. We're pretty different people when it comes to the way we do life, but when it comes down to it, our friendship works out pretty flawlessly. A prime example of this comes into play with my photography and her modeling.

A fun day of us hanging out together really just involves a camera. We're constantly searching for new shooting locations and unique outfit combinations. This shoot took place in downtown Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Besides the fun, she and I do shoots together so that I can practice new editing techniques and different ways that I can pose/direct my other senior and portrait clients. However, Kat is such a natural in front of the camera that I usually don't even need to worry about giving her any sort of direction, just look at her!

Although we usually stick to flowery fields with country vibes, we ventured out to somewhere new for this shoot and found another love: older doors and buildings, large textured backdrops, and even a bonus barn!

I honestly appreciate Kat and her friendship SO much and I'm so glad this little photography and modeling set up has brought us even closer together. One of my favorite ways to pass time spent with one of my favorite people! :)

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