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  • Elizabeth

Laughing At The Lookers

Kat and Kaitlyn are two of my very best friends. Not only do they hang out with me just about every weekend, but they're always up to pose whenever I feel the need to shove my camera in someone's face. For me, that's pretty important in a friendship!

Last Tuesday we spent the day driving around trying to find new spots to take neat pictures and we came across this area on the side of the road. Coming from a small town, it's typically never a big deal just to pull off and take some shots and then get back into the car.

However, because we are all from a small town, bypasses often become curious as to what someone else could possibly find interesting by pulling off the road and getting out of the car. Because of this, it's not unusual for someone to stop behind us and watch as I pose them and move around to get different angles.

BUT this does get them laughing because suddenly, the three of us are quite the show. We find the unfiltered curiosity of other people so giggle worthy and it gives such cute candid pictures!

It also applies when we change locations and a train completely backs up traffic on the street in front of us. Lots of looks but we're not bothered :)

Last week was fun! I love exploring while working with these two! We also set up a tripod to get a few pictures of the three of us as well, so here's one of those shots too :)

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