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  • Elizabeth

Senior Photos or Modeling Session??

A few days ago, I finally met up with Chris and his mom, Sue. I've worked with Sue for about three years and took Prom and Homecoming photos for Chris a number of times, so when graduation rolled around of course I wanted to do his senior pictures as well!

Chris was like most teenage boys, only coming along for his own senior photos because his mom wanted them taken. I'm so used to taking senior photos for girls (who are always SO excited for them!) that it was weird for me to take photos for someone who really wasn't!

But as we moved through the session (shot in downtown Harrison, Ohio) his obedience with listening to my guidance took a turn-and my oh my! Look at what a model he is! Totally bringing his A-Game!

Instead of only taking direction from me, he started to warm up and grew comfortable in front of the camera and his photos prove how well that went! I love all of the unique backdrops we can find in a small town location, and I'm so happy with how his entire session turned out.

Senior pictures are not only great for graduation invites and announcements, but they provide so many memories to look back on later in life. Graduates, parents, and grandparents love to have this special time documented in such a unique way, and getting photos that are custom to your personality can make such a difference.

It's never too late to get them taken, either! If you or someone you know graduates soon, send them my way!

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