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  • Elizabeth

Sunset Portraits: Country Lifestyle

My little sister is finally back home from school for a visit! We took advantage of this Sunday night (because she's always out of town!) and set up a mini portrait session at sunset.

Living in Harrison, Ohio, we don't have a lot of mountains, rocks, or any extravagant scenery I often see while traveling. However, I still believe that my own backyard provides one of the most beautiful areas I could ever imagine playing a photographer in.

We live on a farm and have miles and miles of rolling fields, unique country barns, rusty fences, and the occasional cow. They cut this grass down every few months to use as feed for all of these occasional cows, but while it's growing tall and blowing in the breeze it's absolutely breathtaking.

Emmy isn't usually up for photos, but after listening to me gush about learning new tips and tricks in Lightroom literally all day, she agreed to a small 30 minute modeling session. (And look at her! I'm SO glad she did!)

We decided that the vibe of the backdrop would be paired perfectly with a purple (right? That's kind of purple?) skirt we recently picked up from Goodwill. White lace is always a great option for pictures and this went well with the skirt. A hat pulled the entire look together and I was so in love with the outcome.

So let me know what you think in the comments below! I personally love how this session turned out. I'm trying something new with editing two different styles together and I really think this session helped bring that out!

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