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10,000 Subscriber Celebration

I haven't written a blog post to introduce myself in a LONG time. If you're new here, hey! I'm Elizabeth, the lady behind the camera who probably looks a little crazy trying to create genuine laughter for you in your photos. I absolutely LOVE my job as a photographer, but one of my passions that I don't talk about on my business page too often is my love for my YouTube channel. YouTube lets me express my creativeness in a way that photography would never allow and I absolutely adore having it as another creative outlet. Even though I do post photography related videos pretty often, my channel has been through a lot of different phases. Since we haven't been able to travel a lot lately, my channel has recently been focused on my home renovation projects! What's extra exciting? My channel just hit 10,000 subscribers. I am BLOWN AWAY at all of the support I've had over the years and it feels so good to make this little passion a reality. What did I do to celebrate the milestone? Have a photoshoot, of course!! HUGE thank you to Akayla Renee Photography for swapping headshot sessions with me. She was awesome enough to take these photos and let me edit them! If you're interested in checking out my channel, check out this link!


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